Zealous, Ethical Personal Injury and Workers’ Compensation Representation

At Tindall Law Firm, LLC, our practice thrives on client and attorney testimonials. Along with the consequences we obtain for clients, our local community engagement and reputation among fellow Connecticut lawyers always brings referrals to the firm.
Attorney Tavis Tindall and the team work hard for customers every day. We all would like to observe customers get the compensation and justice they should have. As a family-based business, our team is equally near, and we all widen that friendly, affectionate disposition for our clients. We handle our clients as though they are our personal family and truly care about them than only lots. It’s the quality together with outstanding services and also competent representation that’s allowed us to turn into the”lawyer for life” to several of our clients along with their friends and family to whom they refer us.

With about three full time Spanish-speaking supporters, we’re also ready to give great support to Spanish-speaking customers. Our unmatched team permits us to operate with a diverse client base along with witnesses and experts who may offer vital input or testimony on the claim.
As portion of our devotion to client support , we utilize hightech communications, for example tablets. Clients obtain Mr. Tindall’s telephone phone number and have the ability to text and call him. When you work together with our business, lawyer Tindall creates a spot to be accessible. He will take your case from beginning to end, instead of passing the case off to a member just like most corporations.

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