Coinifinex – the centralized exchange for crypto assets declares their essential sale offering the CFX token at desirable bonus is revolutionizing the trading procedure for the crypto assets by offering the very best of both worlds-decentralized and centralized exchanges. It contains a decentralized ledger within its proprietary centralized platform to be able to provide safe, secure, cost-effective as well as a fair-trading environment for everyone. After successfully offering the CFX token at around 90 % bonus over the private sale, Coinifinex has recently announced the starting of their main token sale on November 1st,2018. The price tag on 1 ETH was corresponding to 10,000 CFX for the first day of the key sale which keeps on increasing everyday by 1 per-cent up until ICO ends on December 30th, 2018.
Featuring its unique infrastructure, aims to conquer the shortcomings from the traditional exchanges and offer a smooth and transparent trading experience to the users. While decentralized exchanges offer several advantages in the traditional exchanges, occasionally, everybody faced the problems of hacking, external attacks, slow transaction speed in addition to the high fees charged on the traders.

Coinifinex aims to remove these problems with many processes and algorithms that offer a seamless trading experience for the users. It uses a high-speed matching engine that supports a processing capacity up to 10,000 transactions per second. It also provides 24/7 exchange services for global investors and gathers worldwide liquidity. To guarantee the safety in the traders, it integrates HTTPS and 2-factor authentication together with cold wallet storage and multi-signature strategy. The woking platform has collaborated using the high class security team to deliver all-around protection in the user’s privacy and money. Despite all the exciting features, Coinifinex manages to maintain the transaction fees to as little as 0.0~0.1 percent.
The Coinifinex ICO has an opportunity for a persons becoming a part of the constantly growing crypto exchange and trade in a safe and secure environment. Every one of the funds raised through the ICO should go towards progression of the woking platform as well as promotion to draw worldwide users. The CFX token is an ERC20 type token which is often saved in any compatible wallet. More info in regards to the exchange as well as the ingoing ICO are available at

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