What exactly Are Major and Minor Chakras?

Earlier I spoke regarding the CHAKRAS or Energy points in your body and exactly how they affect your health. I just scratched the top. If you decide to remember you will find 12 Major chakras in your body and I say “major” as there are a great deal of “minor chakras” such as the Temple chakras, elbow chakras, 4 Sinus chakras etc.

Should you regularly get rid of your Major chakras then the Minor chakras get cleansed too because they are coupled to the corresponding chakra healing. However if you simply have a severe Migraine as an example then you’ll need to develop a few Sinus minor chakras plus the 12 major ones too!

The chakras in the Crown as well as the Spleen are worried with Spirituality and they are known as the “upper chakras”. The chakras below that from the “navel on the “Sole” are the “Lower chakras”. These are generally primarily interested in Material things.

The Chakras which will get most congested would be the SOLAR PLEXUS and also the HEART. This is because others can hook up to through these chakras and provide negativity and you are feeling a “bad vibe.” Your Solar Plexus chakras get congested with lust, anger, jealousy, greed, hatred etc and these are known as BASE EMOTIONS. Your heart chakras get congested with “Authorized and unauthorized heart Chords”. People that want to do you harm intentionally and unintentionally connect with you through your heart chakras and you are feeling heavy within your chest or you have a dull headache.

Before you sleep every evening say the following sentence thrice “In the specific Divine I cut all my authorized and unauthorized chords now.”

Later I will enter much detail regarding how to cleanse your Chakras regularly and the ways to combine this with EFT.

Just briefly i have to let you know th Colors we use to “cleanse”. The color “light whitish green” could be the color utilized for cleansing negative energy. This can be the colour of Grass plus Pranic healing we believe the more subtle the color the stronger the consequence and also we feel that strong ‘full” colors can cause problems for the delicate energy system as well as energy points in the body. I, myself were built with a bad expertise in my early days like a healer once i went o another healer for any session and she used “full strong colors like RED and GOLD on me i wound up feeling worse and achieving migraines and stomach upsets. Next, i sought my personal MENTOR’S advice and that he told me that this colors HAVE TO BE When combined WHITE then utilized for healing.

For details about 12 chakra system check the best internet page.

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