Fleksy Keyboard App

There’s always been competition when it comes to text input options and software that facilitate in simplicity of typing. Keyboard apps like Swype and SwiftKey seem to be available for Android users with replaced the default keyboard too. However, as much as iOS users come to mind they too have options like Syntellia and Fleksy. Although the keyboard offered by Fleksy is much more of the minimalist, design that is certainly designed bearing in mind the tranquility of typing for sighted together with visually impaired people. This is exactly what makes this app dynamic. Nonetheless, using the VoiceOver feature which helps in voicing the text is also helpful for users in general.

It is important for Smartphone users to facilitate in ease of typing which help construct text without the hassles. Additionally this app is often a mix of buttons and letters in conjunction with punctuation gestures. This really is indicative of striking an equilibrium between modern touch devices along with the traditional keyboard layouts. The standard version of Fleksy cost nothing; opting for full version would cost you $4.54. Deciding on the complete version provides you with benefits like message apps and mail apps. Let’s find out about it in-depth.

Fleksy is fine with iOS 5.1 or any upgraded version. It is usually downloaded and applied to other iOS devices including iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

Launching the App

Once you launch the app you can be greeted by the message that notifies you that this app is made for people who have vision loss, press OK to proceed further. Functionalities like spacing and deletion are easy with this app, for spacing what you are saying swipe right and swipe left for deleting a note. If you wish word suggestion then swipe down as well as punctuation marks swipe right again. For full instructions choose the instructions button, this may launch a complete instructions.

Fleksy is capable of doing detecting VoiceOver; this activates the screen-reading program that immediately launches for accessing instructions with the app.

Visual Display and also other Options

The foot of the display screen QWERTY keyboard, the keys are neatly displayed against dark gray background. The keyboard provides you with a choice of landscape mode only when it’s launched initially. This assists by offering you with additional keyboard space while enhancing the overall size. It’s also possible to switch the mode by commencing Settings and change it accordingly.

You’ll be able to avail the feature of Invisible Keyboard for keeping your privacy. It is possible to additionally utilize the Screen Curtain features that could be enabled by tapping thrice along with your three fingers, to disable it again repeat the same action. Bear in mind this feature is obtainable if the VoiceOver is functional. Another interesting feature is the one about Raise to Speak. This feature is enabled whenever you wave your hand on the front-facing camera; this also functions by raising your device on your face. In this way the text entered is repeated by voice over.


It is simple to depend on the QWERTY keyboard available from Fleksy. You can be easily capable of type with accuracy without errors. The term prediction with this app is sweet too. Whenever you can choose the VoiceOver as your type for better accuracy. You will find the web 2 . 0 connectivity in sending messages.

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