It’s Not Difficult to Create Impressive Webpages

There is a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to making a website intended for business purposes. You need to be careful about the whole design process of your site since it plays a key role in its success. Let’s look into some of the design aspects that you can’t afford to miss on

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Isn’t it very obvious that you should take the content on your webpages through a basic spell check? You should know by now that a lot of things will add up to the final grade your site receives. You also realize that preventing this is extremely easy and fast if you use MS Word or OpenOffice. But maybe it all depends on your audience because some are obviously less caring than others. So just bite the bullet and get it done because in the end it will help you.

Make sure you have RSS Auto-Discovery: If you offer an RSS feed of your website’s content (which you should be doing), be sure that you have an auto-discovery code in your website’s header. This helps all of the browsers and RSS readers find your feed automatically and alert people to its presence. RSS feeds are a popular way to distribute content to your readers and update them about changes on your site, so adding this small feature to your site will make a big difference.

Use Alternate Domains: In order to protect your brand and ensure that your website is found by your target audience, you should register alternate domain names or multiple versions of your domain name with various extensions. This step allows you to put up protectors against those who would take advantage of your success and the free similar domains. While it isn’t exactly a part of your site design this is an important step to make sure you don’t lose any valuable readers. All that you need to do then is set up the domains to re-direct to your main site, which is something that all of the bigger companies do when they want to protect their brands and raise awareness of their websites. For example, in addition to registering a .com, you can register .net and .org as well so that you can own all three of the most popular domain extensions. This will help you protect yourself against search engine competition from those other domains. The main thing to remember when designing your site is that people who visit will be reacting to the entire site, but this is composed of lots of smaller parts, so you should take the time to look at everything you’re doing and see if it can be improved or made more user-friendly.
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