Get Great Results with Good Web Design

You have many choices when you start building a website, and you can make good choices or not so good ones. However, if you want to make money with it, then you had better take some care about the design. The field of website design is pretty huge, but we will just cover some very important points to steer you in the right direction.

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Getting your site navigation right so it flows well is something to give a lot of thought. This doesn’t mean that you should squeeze in the navigation into your web design after it’s done, but rather it should be incorporated in it from the ground up.

This is the part of the site that is rather mechanical, but it has to be treated like a design aspect because it does have an impact on the appearance. Your visitors shouldn’t need to search around to go from one page to another; one of the best web designs are all about user friendly interface where the user doesn’t have to think much. The one thought that people tend to have with awkward navigation is that the site is hard to use.

Another important consideration are all those boring admin pages such as privacy policies and maybe terms of use, etc. You just never know with people, and that is why it is important to buy these forms that you can use on any site you have. Some visitors may not do business with you or give you their contact information if you do not have a privacy policy and other notices. Besides that, search engines like Google require you to have an updated privacy policy on your site, without which it simply won’t rank.

Using Alternative Domains: to make sure that your brand is as protected and you are as easy to find as possible, register a bunch of different domain names as well as multiple versions and a bunch of different extensions. This step is to only prevent others from taking advantage of the free domain names and registering them. This isn’t a direct part of your website design but take the step anyway so you can protect yourself. You can simply re-direct all your domain names to your main domain name, which is often done by big companies to protect their brand and increase awareness of their site. For example, don’t just limit yourself to the .com–you need the .org and .net as well so that you’re covered in the three most popular extensions. This will also help your site have no competition from other domain extensions in the search engines.

Website design is a vast and huge area of study, but you do not need to learn it all to make a great site that people love. You can always make changes to your site design, but it is generally not a good idea to make large changes.
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